How it works

Publish your events

Publish your events on your public page. Add as many events as you would like. Edit dates, address, event description, capacity, and much more.

Choose your layout

Customize the look and feel of your public page: upload a logo, choose your background color, and enter your contact details.

Promote your event

Promote your event via email, link to your public Fikket page from your own website, or put your link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more social networks.

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Sell out

Start selling out your event online. Your online registration page is open 24/7. Money is collected immediately online or later, depending on your settings. Tickets with a unique entrance code are sent to the attendees mailbox.

Generate invoices

If you host a business event, your participants can ask to be invoiced. Fikket will automatically generate invoices for your participants, so you don't have to worry anymore about making invoices. VAT is automatically added according to international tax rules.

Follow up

Fikket can automatically generate invoices for your participants if they would like to be invoiced. This can come in handy when you organize and event for other companies, like a seminar, conference or training.

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